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Bear Clan Commercial Services, LLC

"Our Business Is Looking Up!"


I chose to name my company after my clan name, because it is a huge part of my identity. I was born and raised on a Mohawk reservation. I was taught the traditional way of life. We followed the old traditions and ceremonies.

The Mohawk people are indigenous North Americans, originating in present day upstate New York and southern Canada. We are the most easterly tribe of the Iroquois Confederation, and are known as the Eastern Door Keepers. The Iroquois Confederation consists of the Mohawks, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora Nations. We are a matrilineal society with family names and clans being passed down from mother to child.

The Mohawks have three clans: The Turtle, The Wolf, and The Bear. Each clan represents a spirit animal and an ultimate symbolic responsibility to its member. The Bear Clan are known as the medicine people, the healers. Bears are powerful, curious and thought to possess supernatural powers and the ability to heal. This makes them a desirable ally for all. It is a clan I am proud to belong to.

Even though I have chosen to marry and live outside of my reservation, I have not abandoned my culture. I am a firm believer in upholding my traditions. We are stewards of our planet, and I was very happy to find a business that has environmentally friendly products. If we clean a ceiling, rather than replacing it, we eliminate a lot unnecessary debris going into the landfills.

Also, this is a family business. Each of my children have their own unique talents that they bring to the table, and together we make this company one that I am very proud of. 

-Katherine Siegrist, CEO Bear Clan Commercial Services, LLC





Shawn Siegrist 

Shawn is a proud father of 7 children and 13 grandchildren. He is a 20 year retiree of the United States Air Force. A graduate of Avon Lake High School and holds an Associates degree in Applied Engineering from the Community College of The U.S. Air Force. Shawn has 15 years experience working as a Customer Service Engineer. He enjoys bicycling, camping and estate & garage sales. 



Katherine Siegrist 

Katherine is married to Shawn and between them they have 7 children. Katherine has worked as a dental assistant for 15 years. Before coming to Ohio, she worked at a local newspaper in Williamsburg, Virginia. She also held a position as a nanny for several years. Katherine comes from a Native American background and has a very large extended family. She thoroughly enjoys her children and all of her grandchildren. She loves sewing, crafting and working in her fairy garden. Katherine is the secretary & bookkeeper and the force behind Bear Clan Commercial Services, LLC. She is very motivated and is enjoying working with her adult children, watching them blossom into young entrepreneurs. 



Placeholder ImageTroy Flowers

Troy is a 39-year-old Native American born in Canada. He is the oldest of 7 siblings. He is tough and fearless, climbing 1400-foot towers and thousands more across the country. Sitting by a fire near the water is his favorite place to be. His hobbies include fishing, panning for gold and leather crafts. Troy is loved by kids and animals. He loves his family and would do anything for them. 



Sandie Kokolis

Sandie is the 2nd of 7 kids. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters and has been in the dental field for more than 10 years. She is a valuable member of the Sales Team for Bear Clan Commercial Services, LLC. She is an avid lover of the outdoors and loves traveling. Her hobbies are horseback riding & long walks on the beach. Her motto in life is “Keep Calm and Carry On”.   



Brittany Blume

Brittany is the 5th of 7 kids. She is a valuable member of the Marketing Team for Bear Clan Commercial Services, LLC. In addition to an Associate’s Degree in Small Business Management, she has over 10 years of paralegal experience. Brittany is creative, hard-working and dedicated.  She is a wife and mother of 3 who enjoys baking, painting, watching movies and cleaning.

“Be humble, be hungry and always be the hardest worker in the room.” -Dwayne Johnson



Elizabeth Ekar

Elizabeth is the youngest of 7 children. She is a valuable member of Bear Clan Commercial Services, LLC. She has an extensive background in the restaurant industry working up from busser to chef. She is currently a stay at home mother of two small children. Elizabeth loves to crochet and enjoys spending time with friends and family.